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Used Crown Forklifts

Used Crown forklifts

Crown Equipment Corporation is the fourth-largest manufacturer of forklifts in the world. On top of that, Crown has appeared more than 10 times on the Forbes list of the largest private companies in the US. Used Crown forklifts are available as narrow-aisle and very narrow-aisle stacking vehicles, as well as narrow-aisle reach trucks, high-level stock pickers, counterbalanced trucks, turret trucks, walkie stackers, work assist vehicles, powered pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks, rider pallet trucks, and LP gas trucks.

Crown stands out as a manufacturer of forklift machinery since they can customize any order. If a customer needs a mast on a forklift that can carry a heavier load, Crown is happy to make the necessary changes to the vehicle for an additional charge.

Crown forklifts primarily used for material handling on large jobsites are IC pneumatic vehicles. Crown Internal Combustion lift trucks are built for performance and can lift 4,000 to 6,500 pounds with a cushion tire, ranging up to 35,000 pounds when equipped with pneumatic tires. Crown Internal Combustion lift trucks are sold under the Hamech brand, owned by Crown Equipment Corporation.

For indoor purposes, narrow-aisle turret trucks, reach trucks, stock pickers, walkie stackers, and hand pallet trucks can be used to lift and reach in narrow spaces and at high elevations.

find used Crown forklifts
  • Deborah T. in Clearwater, Florida found a used Crown forklift with 971 hours for $3995.
  • Bob T. in Deep River, Connecticut paid $7,500 for a used 1994 Crown forklift with a new charger, used battery, and automatic water system.
  • Dorothy P. in Sarasota, Florida found a $2820 used Crown 22-120 forklift, got a 5 year warranty, free delivery, and replacement (and installation) of a new battery.
  • Tom T. in Saint Louis, Missouri found a used 1995 94/210 Crown Order Selector forklift for $7,000.
  • Earl L. in Richards, Texas found a "practically new" Crown walkie forklift for $3,500.
  • Brian M. in Oriskany, New York found a used Crown WAV50-84 for $5125.

Available Used Crown Forklifts

  • Internal Combustion Forklifts
    • C-5 Series Cushion Tire
    • C-5 Series Pneumatic Tire
  • Hand Pallet Trucks
    • PTH 50 Series
  • Walkie Pallet Trucks
    • WP 3000 Series
    • PW 3500 Series
  • Walkie Stackers
    • B Series
    • M Series
    • ST 3000 Series
    • SX 3000 Series
    • WE 2300 Series
    • SH 5500 Series
    • SHR 5500 Series
    • WB Series
  • Rider Pallet Trucks
    • PE 4000 Series
    • PE 4500 Series
    • PC 4500 Series
    • PR 4500 Series
  • Tow Tractors
    • TR 3600 Series
  • Stockpickers
    • SP 3505 Series
    • SP 3510 Series
    • SP 3520
    • SP 3550H
    • SP 3570F
    • SP 3580F
  • Wave Work Assist Vehicle
    • WAV 50 Series
  • Sit-Down Counterbalanced Trucks
    • SC 5200 Series
    • FC 4500 Series
  • Stand-Up Counterbalanced Trucks
    • RC 5500 Series
  • Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks
    • RR 5700 Series
    • RD 5700 Series
    • RR 5700S Series
    • RD 5700S Series
    • SR 5000 Cabin
    • RM 6000 Series
    • RMD 6000 Series
    • RM 6000S Series
    • RMD 6000S Series
  • Very Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks
    • TSP 6000 Series
    • TSP 6500 Series
    • TSP 7000 Series

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